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We aim to understand your business so that we can work as a true business partner.

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HR Health-check

We aim to understand your business so that we can work as a true business partner.

Offering a full HR health-check enables us to look at your current HR capability utilising the employee life cycle from when staff join your organisation, how they perform in their role; how they are incentivised and how they are developed right through to when, and why, they leave.

This involves understanding your business’s current HR practices and ensuring that they are simple to understand and available, fully adhere to current legislation and that they are tailored to your specific company’s requirements.

Health-checks can include looking at your

  • recruitment process
  • employment contract
  • induction
  • employment policies and process
  • company handbook
  • absence management
  • training needs analysis
  • appraisals
  • Personal Development Plans
  • progression
  • management development
  • incentives and rewards
  • people planning/succession
  • organisation structure
  • objectives and strategic goals
  • HR reporting
  • HR KPI’s and cost benefit analysis
  • reward and recognition
  • performance management
  • company values and culture

We can look at the full range of HR processes, or tailor our approach to focus on key areas. Whatever the focus, we will give you clear recommendations for action, highlighting risks and possible implications, and give advice on practical ways to move forward.
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HR Policy and Company Handbook

There is little more telling about an organisation than how its people management is approached and conducted. Having up-to-date, effective HR policies and processes is the backbone of good people practices. This not only ensures that you are complying with legislative requirements; it also lets staff know what is expected of them; and enables managers to operate in fairly and consistently.
OneHR can review your existing HR policies and processes or company handbook, or create tailored solutions for your organisation to ensure you are fulfilling your legislative duties and working in-line with best practice. We can advise on practical ways to communicate these to staff and train managers on their application.
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HR Consultancy Advice

We pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients offering pragmatic, expert advice and support on HR, management and employee related issues. We have a flexible approach and can support your organisation in various ways:

  • advising on specific issues or topics
  • advising on policy and employment law changes and their implications
  • supporting managers with disciplinary, grievance or capability issues
  • managing small, medium or long term projects
  • supporting managers when dealing with any people issues, offering pragmatic solution-oriented advise.

You will find our advice effective and flexible, allowing your organisation to have access to an HR expert, you will see a real business benefit.
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Resourcing is more than recruitment and selection, it’s about finding the right person, with the right skills and fit for your company. Then enabling that new recruit to settle in and learn the ropes so they are motivated and productive in the shortest timeframe and really feel part of the team. Resourcing is also about keeping that new employee within the business and maximising their true potential by having a plan for where they fit with the company now and in the future.

OneHR can help your business plan and execute an effective recruitment strategy and process, and train managers in its application. This can cut the time to recruit and increase effectiveness and efficacy. We can offer a practical tailored approach to the induction of new staff and a people planning process to enable your organisation to retain key staff and grow your own talent whilst planning who will fill vital positions if others move on.
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Competency Frameworks/Culture

Competency frameworks provide a mechanism for organising and communicating the different behaviours and skills that are essential for the success of your business.

OneHR has experience of creating appropriate bespoke competency frameworks which can provide the foundation to a range of HR people processes and engage staff in your organisations cultural principles. This is based on commonly identified competencies that can be used as part of the organisations vision and values, performance management, development and recruitment processes.
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Management Development

Planning and equipping your key people with the skills essential to do a good job shows how much they are valued whilst maximising the potential of the whole organisation.

We all want to be good at what we do, and for Managers its essential as these are the key people who drive the business forward and take the staff along with them. Therefore equipping them with the skills they need to do their job well should not be left to chance as their performance reflects emphatically on the bottom line.

OneHR offer first-line management skills training; change management training; and leadership development.
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Performance Management

The performance of your organisation and people is maximized when they understand clearly the company’s vision, strategy and goals and know what their part in achieving it is.

OneHR can work with your businesses to help you achieve your organisational objectives by helping to implement systems based on the development of a clear business vision, communicated to staff, linked to transparent and measurable objectives.

We can assist the organisation to promote clear, appropriate and timely appraisals and 1:2:1 meetings that help to engage staff to achieve organisations strategic goals and facilitate learning and development. We also offer practical support for managers for performance discussions and where necessary Capability Management.

In addition, OneHR offers practical advice and support on creating and maintaining systems to measure HR performance and ROI.
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Reward and Recognition

Ensuring that your people are rewarded effectively and incentivised to perform in the areas most essential for your business is true value for money.

OneHR can offer a full or partial compensation and benefits audit. Mapping your reward strategy to the organisations goals and objectives will give you an understanding of how motivating the current systems are for your staff and what is the actual “bang for your buck”.

We can also assist in setting up systems and procedures such as Total Compensation Statements, harmonising to achieve an Annual Salary Review, and introducing recognitions schemes and employee incentive programs.
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